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Village is main outlet for the songs of Nicholas Kerr. Most often of the "fuzzy", "psychedelic", "folky" variety, Nick writes beautiful songs that echo man's timeless longing for happiness & love. 

Currently at work on a full-length follow-up to 2010's self-titled 12", Village is playing around quite often these days - come out & hear some new songs before the albums drops & nothing is ever the same.

Village is:

Nicholas Kerr - guitar, singing

Dave Finneran - bass, backup singing

Branton Anderson - drums, backup singing

Nothing right now!

Nicholas Kerr from Village.

Village - Village One Sided 12" reeleased 2010.

$10 - SOLD OUT!

Village - Hand Dubbed cassette, preview of the forthcoming 2014 LP. Limited 6 copies!

$5 - SOLD OUT!

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