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The Taste are an incredible pop group based in Toronto, us lucky jerks just got to put out their incredible Sea Legs EP on cassette! Incredible!


Formed in Halifax in 2010, the Taste quickly recorded their debut Lemons EP and played a single show before songwriter Daniel Girard relocated to Toronto. Leaving behind some great players in Halifax, Daniel reformed the group in Toronto with an equally excellent group of players - featuring Brent Randall (The Pinecones, The Rainbow Twangers), Brian O'Reilly (Meligrove Band), and Jay Anderson (Biblical, Dr. Ew, many more) and they've made this beauty - the Sea Legs EP. Influences abound but we won't call it anything-esque. Six perfect pop creations from a pretty singular fucking band.

Click on that thing to get the Sea Legs cassette mailed to you, from us! --------------------------->

The Taste        Sea Legs


Nothing right now!

Download the Taste music over at their bandcamp page. The Lemons EP is free and the Sea Legs EP is available for five measley dollars (digital or physical + digital) - take advantage of their lack of business acumen and pick these up for cheap before they get an agent to take them to the top of the pops, and pass the cost on to you, the fans.

Our pals at Southern Souls did a sweet video for "There Will Come A Day" from the Sea Legs EP. Apparently they shot one for "Happening Now" as well! Let's hope we see that one soon!

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