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The Pinecones are a long-running three-piece rock group based in Toronto. Their new LP Ooh! is a power-pop or whatever stunner and it's out on hard-candy waxy LP now!


Featuring the likes of Brent Randall, Paul Linklater and Marshall Bureau playing traditional rock and roll musical instruments in classic winged formation, the Pinecones are just the funnest rock & roll thing around. Dig the sounds here!


For real though people, this LP kicks some serious ass. If you've never seen them live then get to a show this summer, you numbskull.

The Pinecones Ooh!

New LP on bright sunshine/banana cream/ lemon sludge coloured vinyl. Comes w/download.  




To be real clear about this thing - go here if you just want to download Ooh! But I mean really, c'mon.



Nothing right now! Paul's a new dad - give the guy a break!

The Pinecones Ooh!

New LP on authentically original rugged black vinyl. Comes w/download.




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