There is great new video for the Fresh Snow tune "Saturation Complete", check it out below.


The Mimico and Fresh Snow tapes are here! Both will be available for the first time at this weekend's shows. Fresh Snow are playing as a trio on Friday at the Feast In The East & Mimico will be having a party on Saturday for the new tape at the Izakaya Sushi House on College. Be a friend and come out to both!


Fresh Snow is coming to your town! And with other great bands too! You guys are so lucky...


You don't have a place to stay do you?



The Fresh Snow - I LP version will be available in fine record retailers on August 13th. We're really excited to be bringing this puppy to you. Don't forget - the tape version is available now & has an extra track! Both have digital downloads for you party poopers out there. There'll be an all-Cod release show for the record on August 8th at the Boat in Kensington Market (158 Augusta). In addition to Fresh Snow - Mimico, Amateur will also be playing and Village will have a set mostly of material from their forthcoming record, it's gonna be a happening!


Speaking of Village, from what I hear their record is just about done and should be seeing the light of day by the time of Jesus Christ's day of birth this year. Hopefully we'll hear a bit or two soon...


2nd pressing alert! You may or may not have noticed that Amateur's most recent record slee.p has been unavailable for a little bit - happy to let everyone know we're making more real-life copies of this great record, available soon!


We're plased as all hell to announce that we'll be doing a tape for Mystic Triangle, the solo project of Ben from Mimico. More dark synth psychosis for your listening pleasure. It should see the light of day as the fall approaches, keep it locked.



Thanks to everyone who came out to the Boat last week to celebrate the arrival of the beautiful new Fresh Snow LP. It was a real party and great pleasure to send out of some of records into the world. If you couldn't make it out you should be able to find a copy at your local discerning record supplier. They have a show on Aug 28th at the Piston w/Our Founders, Bad Channels and Zones.

*not a double record, this is trick photography.



Thanks to Sonic Boom Records for hosting last week's excellent cassette fair & associated Cassette Store Day (c) events. Doc Dunn, Black Walls and Jesse Laderoute kept us all feeling okay & it was great to meet so many fine people. We have a truly limited copies of hand-dubbed tapes from yesterday that'll be available on here soon. Including the advance bootleg verion of the upcoming new Village record, and a 4-song tape from Mccannix - a Glaswegian lo-fo songwriter now based in Toronto with her first reelease on Reel Cod. The Career and Mystic Triangle reeleases from yesterday are all gone unfortunately.


Moving on, if you you haven't noticed - the Fresh Snow LP is now available digitally through their bandcamp page. There is also a live set from last year that I would personally recommend. Please visit there.


The great people at Aquarius Records in San Francisco had some very nice things to say about the Fresh Snow LP recently. What a great store.


The new Village LP is edging towards completion & we couldn't be more jazzed. It sounds like a real monster smash hit. The smart person would get in touch real quick to get their hands on that bootleg cassette LP.


Look for more Mystic Triangle hand-dubbed tapes leading up to the EP release.


Mimico is playing at Parts & Labour on September 25th, with Pop. 1280 & Mexican Slang and your presence has been requested.


One love








Fresh Snow are taking part in the second Volume of this years Long Winter series on Friday and it's a stacked lineup. Aside from Fresh Snow, you can catch Doldrums, Beliefs, LLVK, Carl Didur, Vish Khanna interviewing Ben Johnson(!), and lots lots more. Not to be missed! Don't!


Also, don't snooze on getting the Fresh Snow LP, the first pressing is to be sold out soon enough.







The new Mystic Triangle tape is here & is all we'd hoped & wished for. Will be available here very soon, for now you can catch up with Reel Cod at the Healing Power Festive Fest & Bazaar tomorrow night. We're staying up late putting together some fresh Conconquidore Truidore LPs in preparation. There are only 100 of this beautiful record - come on out tomorrow or get one in the store thingymajig here.





We can't quite put our finger on it, but the upcoming Pinecones LP should be birthed round about February. Can't wait to get our mitts on this one - there'll be two versions, 100 copies on yellow wax and 200 on black. Further details & promotional blitz to follow.



Hey cheapskate!  Now's your chance to pick up Reel Cod's 2013 greatest hits for pennies on the dollar, several pennies. Get both the Fresh Snow and Mimico tapes for five bucks plus shipping! Or get a free tape with any record! (just email us & let us know what tape you want)... or make up your own deal and email us about it, make us an offer we can't refuse!


Also, you can now pay us a month in advance for Pinecones records! Isn't that exciting? Reserve yourself a lemon merangue flavoured version of the record! Ships early next month. The band will be celebrating the release of the new LP at the Piston on February 6th. Come on out and see the Pinecones back in action! You just know it's gonna be the best... there's a shiny new record & everything - just come!


Mystic Triangle will be at Handlebar on February 22nd. Don't forget Mimico is playing the Feast In The East this Saturday! Cold is not an excuse.


Thanks to the Toronto Star, Now Magazine, the Grid, blogTO, Torontoist, Mechanical Forest Sound, and other nice folks for all the kind words for the Fresh Snow, Mimico, and Mystic Triangle releases upon year-end reflection.


There's a brighter tomorrow pals.

The Pinecones                     Ooh! LP                                       $15

Yellow vinyl (limited to 100 copies!)

Black vinyl



Mystic Triangle tonight at Handlebar (159 Augusta Ave.) with Ken Park, Nyssa, and Beard Closet! This tape is gonna be gone fast so please grip one tonight if you're into it, don't come crying to us a month or two. Get it right here too!!





Thanks to everybody who came out last week to celebrate the new Pinecones LP - it was such a special night at the Piston & we couldn't be happier about putting out this record. If you missed it, head on over to the store above to snap one up - especially if you want a yellow one, those are just about done.


If you hadn't heard - Fresh Snow are playing FOR FREE (!) on February 25th at the Garrison (1197 Dundas St W) with Army Girls, Michael Rault, and Wish. NXNE is putting on the show and it looks like loads of fun - I think you need to go here to RSVP and get yerself in. After that, yer next chance to catch Fresh Snow tearing things up is March 22 at the Moustache Club in Oshawa with Programm and Mass Device. Maybe they'll be playing new-ish stuff at these gigs? I dunno...



Thanks to everyone who made it out to the Mystic Triangle show the other night - was a great night at the excellent Handlebar. Great sets from everybody who played - thanks to Beard Closet, Nyssa, Ken Park & Mystic Triangle for a special flippin' night.



The video for The Pinecones' Gloomy Monday dropped the other day. It's fantastic - thanks to the amazing kids, their teacher - and the great Colin Medley for their collaboration on this incredible video!



Alert the press! The Taste will be reeleasing their new cassette with Reel Cod! Their 6 song Sea Legs EP blows our minds with its real-y deal-y finely-crafted rock & roll pop precision. Just listen to this thing for chrissakes. They look like this:


This cassette is part of a busy summer we've got planned - keep your eyes peeled for a Fresh Snow/Mimico split 7", Mimico's new Incantations LP, the debut Village full-length Drag, an as-yet-untitled Fresh Snow 12", and a couple other big things we'll be announcing soon!







One of our most favourite people, Joe Strutt of Mechanical Forest Sound, is having a birthday and celebrating in style with two shows (at the Tranzac and Silver Dollar respectively) featuring Not The Wind, Not The Flag, Light Fires, Chris Cummings (aka Mantler), B-17, Jay Holy, Mas Aya & Lido Pimienta, Dan Lee (of Hooded Fang) celebrating the release his new solo record on Pleasence, and many more. At the Tranzac on the 24th and the Silver Dollar on the 25th, details here and here.


If those incredible shows aren't enough - we're priveleged to put out this great compilation of some of Joe's fine recordings, in conjunction with Pleasence Records. An incredible group of recordings from Joe's vast archive. You can stream the compilation here.





Big update to the shows page today, such a fantastical summer is ahead of us. Here's the gist, see the page for more details:


Fresh Snow


June 19 @ The Great Hall

June 21 @ Lee's Palace

August 3 @ Electric Eclectics Festival (Meaford, ON)

August 9 @ Mudtown Music & Arts Festival (Owen Sound, ON)

August 21 @ Arboretum Festival (Ottawa, ON)




June 19 @ Baltic Ave

July 5 @ The Cavern Bar


The Taste


June 21 @ Baltic Ave

July 12 @ Handlebar (Cassette release)



August 9 @ The Cavern Bar



Okay, so for real folks - there are pretty much no more Fresh Snow white LPs, act immediately if you want to be an authentic original fan. Second press red LPs ("Scarlet Letter Edition") are ready to go.





Thanks to everyone who came out to the Taste release show last night! We all had a great time, you missed out forever if you missed it. You can drown your sorrows though and pick up a copy of the cassette right below (or on the store page if that's confusing). Also, we can even offer you a BJ Randall power-fan pack - BJ himself plays the thud stick in both the Taste and the Pinecones. Pick up the Taste's new Sea Legs cassette EP and the Pinecones bitchin' Ooh! LP (on black-as-night vinyl) for $15 (plus shippin') and get a free 8 1/2 x 11" ink-jet printed signed portrait of BJ, suitable for framing. This deal won't last forever, and is pretty much a freakin' steal.



The Taste        Sea Legs                Tape $5

BJ Randall soft sight pop bundledelia!!!!!!!!!

The Pinecones Ooh! jet-black LP + The Taste Sea Legs cassette + singed ink-jet printed 8 x 10 of thee Mr. Brent Randall.


Limited time!!!      $15



Shipping in the the Cod superstore herein this website shall be forthwith temporarily suspended, to be resumed Monday August 18th. Vacation! Thanks for your patience nice person!



By all accounts, Fresh Snow slayed all who were present at the House of Targ for the Arboretum Arts Festival. See photographic evidence of the icy-cool sheen that descended.



Thanks to everyone who came out last week to Cassette Store Day at June Records. Killer day of some amazing performances - and a great selection of the city's thriving tape scene. Thanks especially to the great June Records for putting it together. You can still pick up the Pulses cassette over there until the release show. Speaking of the release show - join us on October 28th at the Holy Oak - Mystic Triangle will be joined by Sean Paul and Blunt Chunks. Linky thing here. Please come, we would really to see you! You can even order it online now - though it won't be arriving until the show anyway, so maybe just come and pick it up at the show.



Mimico is heading out on a little tour with the excellent ZONES. They'll have a new 7" in tow - a split single with Fresh Snow featuring Fate Screen - a track from their forthcoming LP - Fresh Snow has a special surprise on their side. Dates below:


11/13 - Montreal, Casa De Popolo (4873 Blvd. St. Laurent) w/Lesionread, Kristachuwan.


11/14 - Kingston, The Artel (205 Sydenham)

w/Golden Golden, Matthew Muto.


11/28 - Toronto, Silver Dollar Room (486 Spadina Ave.)

w/Twist, Technical Kidman, Marriage.


12/05 - Waterloo, Raintree Cafe (220 King St. N.)

w/Orca Swarm.


12/06 - Guelph, Silence (46 Essex St.)

w/ Dan Loughrin.








The first single from Mimico's Incatations LP, Fate Screen, is now available on a split 7" with Fresh Snow. Now pre-ordering in advance of it's release on November 28th.



Thanks to everyone who came out Friday to celebrate the release of the new Mimico/Fresh Snow split 7". Great night, and Mimico treated us to killer set, as if there was any doubt.


We're really pleased with this little split - you get a taste of the new Mimico LP (coming in Janaury), and Fresh Snow tearing through their take on Tommy James & The Shondells' Mony Mony! Maybe you caught them rocking this at an unplugged Double Double Land show a few years back? A real treat from two of the best bands in the city. Get in right here:



Aux.tv premiered David Jones`incredible new video for Mimico`s Fate Screen - dig it below! Thanks to David, Julie, Annie, and everyone else who was involved!





So, the arrival of MIMICO's Incantations is almost here. 


It's been a real pleasure to put this record together and we can't wait for you to hear it. We'll be celebrating the release on February 26th at the Smiling Buddha with our pals ZONES, Ken Park, and Bodies That Matter joining us.


Brooklyn Vegan just premiered the Dallas Wehrle-directed video for the second single from the record, Cloud City. See it over here, or zip over to our videos page.


There's two pressings of the record - plain ol' black vinyl an' an extra-limited swirly-whirly-psycho-delic star-bustin' colourful vinyl. We're even taking pre-orders now - maybe get on that colour version if you know you won't be coming out on the 26th - given the, uh, monster nature of this record, they're sure to not last so long. Not to be an alarmist or anything.




Buy Mimico here, hepcats: 



Reel Cod is proud to announce the release of Jay Holy's Scopolamine Dream LP on June 9th. Fell in love with this record when Jay first played it for us last year and we couldn't resist putting it on wax forevermore. The album will be available in two limited editions - one on snow leopard fur white vinyl and one on sleek panther black. It comes with a download and blah blah blah.

Really - this record is a killer. You can hear it (and buy it digitally) over at Jay's bandcamp.


“Scopolamine Dream remains one of the best psychedelic electronic pop albums in recent memory, and that’s why it found itself perched upon our best albums list last year… One of the most talented electronic pop musicians around these days”

-Silent Shout


We're celebrating the release, with wax in hand, at the Smiling Buddha (961 College) on June 6th. The eggcellent Man Made Hill will also be gracing us with his presence. 






Le white vinyl ->




<- click on that one

when yr done clicking

on the other one...

Le black vinyl ->





Pre-orders will ship the week before release, and may or may not include additional surprises.



Mimico will be playing this year's Electric Eclectics festival in Meaford, ON! The lineup was just announced and it's an actual monster - featuring a couple of our big heroes in Silver Apples and the Nihilist Spasm Band and a solid lineup through the whole weekend. If you've never been to an Electric Eclectics - you've been missing out, this would be a good one to start with!



Mimico's next show is this deep lineup of thinkers are doers:



So this space has been a little quiet lately - but that doesn't mean we've been resting - just too busy to deal with this thing. But some important things have happened. Village's incredible and spectacular new full-length record is called Drag, and it's out on the streets now. This record reeally is one of our favourites ever - a beautiful gentle rock record by our friend and savior Nicholas - truly worth your time. We've also put out a seriously excellent tape by Processor. See below for details:

Village's Drag is COD 019 and is available now as a real-life long-playing record. It's $15 and is well worth your hard-earned dollar. If you are not sure about this, just click here and listen to the record a bit.


Click this big button to buy this puppy!

Processor are an excellent Toronto-based bass/synth duo (Lorenz Peter and M. Joakim) - check out their myriad of excellent releases over at their Bandcamp page, they rule.


We're super proud to put out their new cassette, Loiter - check it out here, or click the big buttons below to cart it up and check it on out.