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“Scopolamine Dream remains one of the best psychedelic electronic pop albums in recent memory, and that’s why it found itself perched upon our best albums list last year…One of the most talented electronic pop musicians around these days”


-Silent Shout


Jay Holy is the solo recording project of Jay Holinaty (ex-Pow Wows) and Reel Cod is putting out his first full length LP Scopolamine Dream on June 9th. Released digitally last year - Scopolamine Dream is a great pop record - warping influences from early electronic pioneers such as Jean Jacques Perrey, Jean Michael Jarre, and Claude Denjean into Jay's unique vision - and unique way of constructing his tunes.


Recorded at home on a Tascam 424 mk3 via cassette tape, Jay plays nearly every note on Scoplpamine Dream himself - and that uniqué visioné, as the French say, is what hath led to this killer darkly tinted electronic pop record. The live group consists of Nyles Miszczyk (bass), J.M. Ladd (synths), and new drummer Joe Organ (drums) and they're great - a busy summer schedule is planned, so keep your ear to the pavement.


Pre-order Scopolamine Dream with those two buttons below, duh.



Click on that black button just below to order the white vinyl version of Scopolamine Dream.

Click on that black button just below to order the black vinyl version of Scopolamine Dream.

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