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grfnkl - wijom 7"


grfnkl does not currently have any shows scheduled. Will they ever play again?... Stay tuned...

Lets say youre in an elevator. You get on while it's at the basement, then at the 3rd floor; a couple of guys get on. Then at the 5th floor, another guy gets on. Then at the 10th floor, one guy gets off and another gets on. Then at the 12th floor, the last guy gets off. Now youre at the 14th floor with 3 guys who barely know each other (but we know what floor it really is).  Now, if the person that got on at the basement is person A, and the person that got on at the 5th floor is Tristan Murphy, then that means that the person to get on at the 10th floor is Michael Enzbrunner. Solve for X.

"Adam" from grfnkl hitting a drum with his shoe, circa 2006.

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