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Good Clean Feeling is more than just a name. It's a band. And a damn good one at that! Founded in Harrisburg, Virginia in 1842, they began by distributing the finest leather tablets and elixers. Each brought their own contribution. Maud's was good for strengthening the roots of the hair. Paul's augmented the functioning of the pancreatic membrane. Ben brought the tablets.
This continued until the market for elixers crashed in the Potion Overaccumulation Crisis of 1999.
Convening in their Bavarian castle, they huddled, naked, before the fire. There they boiled pig-skins and elixer supplies to create two guitars, a ukulele, and a bicycle. Coasting on their three-seated roller they picked up several wandering minstrels: Rob, Jayme, Yusei, Tristan and Derek.

They are known for their 2002 cover of the dialogue from the film Forest Gump, especially the scene with Richard Nixon:
Nice to meet you, Mr. Gump
Nice to meet ya, Mr. President.

Good Clean Feeling could play at a moment's notice in any small town or big city near you. Keep up with their twitter to stay up to date.

When We Sing CD


Reel Cod HQ doesn't have any copies left but I think the band does - get in touch to order!

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