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Circus School was born on a cul-de-sac and fought its way out of a paper envelop, signed sealed and delivered. Surrounded by dead ends, the sounds bounced off the walls and into themselves, lonely and lost, to be forgotten at the back of your closet. But they gathered there, covertly converging, and then travelled through the air and on magnetic tape. On Ossington Ave in Toronto, where the bells chime, with the help of computer chips and whisky, they were whisked and baked into little cupcakes of song to be shared with whoever's got a sweet tooth and skewed pop sensibilities. We can be quiet and we can be together and we can celebrate every moment, let's do it, come on over, why don't you? We're bringing what we got where we can, for you to feast on and enjoy. Please do.

                              Stefanie Hardman &
                                    Darcy McMann

Circus School has a neat Soundcloud where you can hear both of their reeleases in full. We've cleverly put those below for you to stream, but still head over there & say hi to these wonderful folks.

Psychic Swimming CDR




Stream the entire Psychic Swimming album here:

Stream the entire Lead EP here:

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