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Career is a musical group that came about in 2006 and plays mostly unplanned music. Their rolling and tumbling river of song has been documented on many CD-rs reeleased on Reel Cod subsidiary Rhythm Nation.

In 2009, they starred in their first feature-length film, Career Bathsheba Sobotka.

Lots of old Career reeleases are now available digitally once again on Career's bandcamp page. Many have also been reissued in limited editions of 1, with varying degrees of artwork production quality but the same commitment to quality A-R-T.

Career doesn't play very often these days, but their corpse still looms large over the lives of it's participants & rumours are swirling of a 2013/2014 reunion and world tour.

Career playing on Julia Carney's deck, years ago.

Latest News:

March 2013: Career on cassette! Coming soon!

October 2012: Career reeleased Rhythm Nation #64 - Returning With A Smile. Listen to and download it here! It's also available as a real-life cd-r, and there is a single - reeleased as an (approx.) 3-inch hand-cut cd-r. This is the band's first newly recorded music since last year's Boiling Point & the accompanying Surfin' Bird single.



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